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  • 2024 TCGA Computer Game Workshop

2024 TCGA Computer Game Workshop

Focus on artificial intelligence technology in computer game and now it's the largest computer game organization in Taiwan

This workshop aims to promote the research, development, application and exchange of computer games and related fields in Taiwan, and to discuss the current important trends and future development of computer games. Therefore, experts and scholars from all walks of life at home and abroad in the field of computer gaming are invited to actively contribute their latest research results. In addition, we also hold computer game competitions, hoping to provide a platform for technology exchanges among those interested in the field of artificial intelligence computer games, and to promote the practical application of computer game theories and specific research and development results.


2024 TCGA Computer Game Workshop
Event Date: 2024.05.17~2024.05.18
Format: On site
Venue: National Dong Hwa University, Taiwan