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  • Al and Democracy: Challenges and Opportunities(2023/9/18)

Al and Democracy: Challenges and Opportunities(2023/9/18)

  • The development of AI has a significant impact on the economy, society, law, and democratic values, affecting everyone, whether they are involved in core technical research, industrial applications, or are experts and scholars in the humanities and social sciences. Therefore, the National Science Council's Taiwan AI Center of Excellence (AICoE) has invited renowned American scholar Professor Lawrence Lessig from Harvard University to share his perspective on "AI and Democracy" on the morning of September 18th. He will engage in an in-depth discussion on the theme of "Challenges and Responses in the Rapid Development of AI" along with Professor Hsien-Ming Lien from National Chengchi University, Professor Yung-Chen Hsu from National Taiwan University, Professor Yi-Ching Liu, Secretary-General Yi-Hsiu Hou from the AIA School of Artificial Intelligence, and Jia-Liang Kao, the founder of g0v Taiwan Open Government Community.

Expert List:

  • Harvard University, USA | Professor Lawrence Lessig
  • Taiwan AI Excellence Center | Convenor Chih-Hung Tsai
  • Taiwan AI Excellence Center | Deputy Convenor Yung-Chen Hsu
  • Taiwan AI Excellence Center | Strategy Committee Member Yi-Ching Liu
  • National Chengchi University | Professor Hsien-Ming Lien
  • AIA School of Artificial Intelligence | Secretary-General Yi-Hsiu Hou
  • g0v Taiwan Open Government Community | Founder Jia-Liang Kao

  • Event Details:
  • Event Format: In-Person Conference
  • Event Date: September 18, 2023
  • Event Venue: Room A1034, Public Enterprise Center, National Chengchi University (No. 187, JinHua St., Daan Dist., Taipei City, Taiwan)
  • Topics of Discussion:
  • 1.Keynote Speech: AI and Democracy
  • 2.Panel Discussion: Challenges and Responses in the Rapid Development of AI