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  • Trustworthy AI Summit (2023/1/11)

Trustworthy AI Summit (2023/1/11)

  • The technology and application of artificial intelligence (AI) have been widely used in various fields. Therefore, trustworthy AI has become a highly valued global issue that requires elements such as "fairness", "accountability" and "transparency" to make AI algorithms more transparent, safer and fairer. In this event, experts in the field of AI at home and abroad are invited to share their professional experience, brilliant practices and insights, and to discuss the development trend of trustworthy AI for improving the robustness and learnability of AI. There will be a total of 9 keynote speeches and one professional discussion in the forum. All those inerested are most welcome to register and participate!
  • 【Trustworthy AI Summit】
  • Date: January 11th, 2022 (Wed.) 09:00 ~ 16:30
  • Venue: Room 301, 3F, NTUH International Convention Center
  • Type: Full English Physical Conference, therefore spontaneous translation facilities will not be provided.

  • Topics:
  • 1.Increasing AI Transparency, Enabling Governance, and Assessing Risk
  • 2.Reliable Machine Learning for Dynamic Worlds
  • 3.Developing Trustworthy AI for Medicine and Healthcare
  • 4.Explaining Anomalies of Black-Box Regression Function
  • 5.On the Robustness and Learnability of Deep AI Models
  • 6.AI Model Inspector: Towards Holistic Machine Robustness for Deep Learning
  • 7.A Natural Language Interface for Databases to Achieve Transfer Learnability
  • 8.AI Model Inspector: Towards Holistic Machine Robustness for Deep Learning
  • 9.Towards Trustworthy Graph Machine Learning