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  • Workshop on Speech Foundation Models and their Performance Benchmarks (2023/12/16)

Workshop on Speech Foundation Models and their Performance Benchmarks (2023/12/16)

  • As artificial intelligence continues evolving, foundation models have taken centre stage, playing crucial roles in Computer Vision (CV) and Natural Language Processing (NLP). These models, which include renowned examples such as BERT and GPT for NLP and SimCLR and BYOL for CV, have significantly advanced machine capabilities in these areas. An equivalent surge in popularity has been observed in the realm of speech foundation models, where self-supervised foundation models have showcased their proficiency across a diverse range of tasks. Many academic events has echoed the enthusiasm for foundation models. Workshops at NeurIPS 2020, AAAI 2022, and ICASSP 2023 have all elicited positive feedback.

Building on this momentum, this workshop will zoom in on a crucial aspect of the field: the benchmarks of speech foundation models. SUPERB and SUPERB-SG examine a wide range of speech tasks, while SLUE concentrates on spoken language understanding. However, the scope of these benchmarks is primarily limited to English. To facilitate a more inclusive analysis, LeBenchmark and IndicSUPERB assess foundation models on French and Indian languages, respectively. XTREME-S and ML-SUPERB evaluate speech foundation models on over 100 languages. Notably, several work-in-progress benchmarks exist, including those for audio-visual foundation models and instruction-finetuning of speech foundation models. The drive to improve and enhance these benchmarks remains a dynamic and ongoing conversation.

Therefore, we have decided to dedicate this workshop to providing a forum for the community to come together and exchange ideas about the technology of speech foundation models, focusing on how to evaluate them accurately. By fostering these discussions, we hope to catalyze further progress in this field.


  • Workshop on Speech Foundation Models and their Performance Benchmarks
  • Event Date: 2023/12/16
  • Format: In-person Conference
  • Venue: 7th Floor, Scenic View Ballroom, The Gaia Hotel, Beitou, Taipei (No. 1, Qiyan Rd, Beitou District, Taipei City)
  • Information: Click the URL