About Us

Background of Establishment

The development of AI is one of the important direction of many science and technology advanced countries and in order to capture enormous industrial economic benefits driven by the development of AI, National Science and Technology Council has promoted several AI related projects, including big data application studies for Medical Image Analysis and Detection, the project of artificial intelligence innovation research center and so on, and promoted [Response to the Nation’s Major Challenges: Projects Regarding Artificial Intelligence] in 2021. Whereas countries are developing national AI strategies, deepening the integration of resources and international cooperation to improve their global influence, it is necessary that our country better allocates our resources and thereby, the National Science and Technology Council has promoted the establishment of Taiwan AI Center of Excellence (Taiwan AICoE) so as to coordinate and integrate AI scientific research resources and capacities at national strategic level as well as to strengthen and proliferate science and research innovation power.

Three Focuses Creating Global Impact

Aligning with International Key Players’ Strategies

Taiwan AICoE Vision and Goals

Leverage Taiwan’s Core Competence of Advantageous Industries Ensure Taiwan’s Key Position in Global AI Development

Taiwan AICoE Key Approaches

The Operational Framework

Taiwan AICoE, mainly promoted by the National Science and Technology Council, is responsible for cross-departmental as well as cross-disciplinary cooperation, and planning, integrating and allocating resources. To ensure the smooth start of work, the National Science and Technology Council has invited and put together a representative team of experts in AI field. Taiwan AICoE Strategy Committee which, apart from providing strategic advice, also represent Taiwan AICoE in related tasks such as conducting external communications and promoting important international cooperation and so on; and has established Taiwan AICoE Promotion Office, which offers administrative support services to Strategy Committee, works with the professional research team of National Science and Technology Council on AI projects, and jointly accomplishes tasks and goals.