AICoE Project

  • Design of Integrated Command and Control Center for Sustainable Smart Cities

Project Name

Design of Integrated Command and Control Center for Sustainable Smart Cities

Project Goal

Propose an innovative Integrated Command and Control Center Design for Sustainable Smart Cities, including advanced AI technologies such as multimodal federated learning, automated MLOps, edge-AI system for UAVs, model security checking, and hyperspectral multimodal techniques for air pollution detection and water quality testing, multi-camera vehicle tracking, along with actual field implementation based one trustworthy AI indicators and checking technology and good governance of the law. Collaboration with relevant bureaus and departments of local city governments in Taiwan such as Chiayi City, Chiayi County, and Taichung City, along with international extension to smart cities in India such as Chandigarh City. The International Alliance for Sustainable Smart City Research was established to connect industry, government, academia and research organizations to consolidate and promote the benefits of this project.

Project Description

1. Sustainable Smart City Governance Platform Design

* Multimodal Federated Learning Framework and MLOps Technology
* AI Model Security Checking and Enhancement Technology

2. Edge-AI System Design for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

* Virtualized Hardware and Dynamically Reconfigurable AI Hardware-Software Computing Architecture
* Multimodal Learning for UAVs

3. Smart Environment Pollution Monitoring

* Visible Hyperspectral Imaging Technology
* Multimodal Air Pollution Detection and Water Quality Checking

4. Robust Traffic Tracking Technology

* Multi-Camera Multi-Vehicle Tracking
* Domain Adaptation with Prototype Learning

5. Trustworthy AI and the Rule of Law and Good Governance

*  Trustworthy AI Indicators and Technology for Sustainable Smart Cities
*  Good Governance and Rule of Law for Sustainable Smart Cities