AICoE Project

  • Smart Sustainable New Agriculture Research Center (II)

Project Name

Smart Sustainable New Agriculture Research Center (II)

Project Goal

Integrating smart agriculture with AIoT for climate change adaptation to achieve sustainable goals of energy saving, carbon reduction, and labor saving for agricultural sustainability.

Project Description

1. Explainable AI and Agriculture Big Data

*Agricultural data & AI-assisted cultivation model sharing
*Data quality management & heterogeneous data selection mechanism

2. Smart Agriculture Detection

*Plant hospital
*Portable rapid pesticides and viruses AI detection device
*AI Imagery and text query expert diagnosis system

3. Crop Growth Digital Twin

*Smart irrigation model
*Pest & disease management
*AI Seed identification system
*Seedling conveying device
*Disaster & adversity detection

4. Sustainable Livestock Management

*Sustainable production and Livestock behavior, voiceprint & disease identification
*Environmental sensing & smart energy management
*Precision waste treatment platform