AICoE Project

  • Flipping Medical and Healthcare for Chronic Disease Management with Artificial Intelligence and Big Health Data Analytics

Project Name

Flipping Medical and Healthcare for Chronic Disease Management with Artificial Intelligence and Big Health Data Analytics

Project Goal

Chronic diseases pose a major global health threat, accounting for nearly 80% of deaths worldwide and driving massive medical expenditures. The WHO urges medical services to address this crisis. 

This project harnesses AI and big data to create an integrated chronic disease management platform targeting major conditions like cardiovascular diseases, cancers, diabetes, respiratory illnesses and neurodegenerative disorders. The platform analyzes heterogeneous medical data to enable disease prevention, prediction, detection, diagnosis, prognosis and care delivery applications for hospitals, community, and home use. 

In addition, it is expected that collaborations with relevant industries is expected to expand real-world implementation. The multifaceted system aims to benefit patients, families, healthcare providers, policy makers and technology partners by promoting personalized, precise and proactive health management. As chronic diseases endanger global communities, scalable tech-enabled solutions can improve outcomes and quality of life when thoughtfully integrated into care. Moving forward, AI development and deployment should remain sensitive to ethics and inclusion so innovative health platforms can equitably serve diverse populations.

Project Description

By analyzing multi-modal medical big data with innovations in machine learning, cloud computing, and data fusion, we aim to revolutionize chronic disease management. The project encompasses advanced technology across the continuum of care with features including:

1. Medical image analysis for disease detection, diagnosis, and prognosis,
2. AI robots for cognitive screening and healthcare at clinics and home
3. Heterogeneous data and multi-modal analytics
4. An integrated platform for health risk assessment and decision support to promote precision and prevention healthcare.  

Ultimately, this project strives to uplift Taiwan's strengths in medical and health AI to enhance chronic disease management domestically while expanding international partnerships and influence globally.

The project aims to construct an integrated platform for chronic disease healthcare and management. Targeting five major chronic disease areas, the project teams utilize various technologies to collect and analyze heterogeneous data. It is expected to demonstrate research findings and validate implementations primarily in several aspects such as medical imaging, caregiving robots, disease risk assessment, and decision support. Concurrently, data governance and ethical/legal factors will be carefully taken into consideration in order to help the platform become reliable and trustworthy.